Sunday, 2 June 2013

Yesterday's Outing... Scooter in Action

So yesterday we went to Lisburn Show.  Tim came with me and videoed my rounds (with the idea that I can learn from my mistakes).

He did a panorama of the two rings.....  (there were more people out of shot!)

And here we are about to go in to our Agility 3-5

The start of this round is a bit hectic, as she wasn't sure about that soft tunnel.... and there were some interesting smells by the fence at one point.... but all in all I was pleased with this round.  There's a lot of new stuff for us both to think about now that I'm using the scooter.

I find it funniest to imagine what Patsy is thinking around this course...

And to be perfectly honest I just LOVE the speed when using the scooter......  I think Patsy likes it too, as I'm noticing much more enthusiasm during the good bits than she had while I was still trying to walk in the ring.

Patsy was exhausted afterwards:

And a little bit later:



  1. wow your doing great on your scooter, and please pass on to your husband, I love the car/scooter ramp, (from a fellow engineer). I'd get confused with the controls when you have to keep swapping hands like that. Patsy is a very clever girl, to work out what you need her to do. Wow, I've just watched the video, I can't believe how fast you both go. I think I'd struggle with that sort of speed. Beautiful Blog, as always. Great work. Keep smiling. Mark Page.

    1. :) We have a load of fun doing the best we can! Thanks for the complement about the ramp - we priced one to buy and it was nearly £500 !! Couple of planks, two upcycled bits of old webbing and a carpet offcut were a much cheaper and handier option! LOL