Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Getting my head around the handling challenges......

Our first competitive outing using the scooter happened last weekend... and the weather was perfect!

We were entered for two Agility rounds.  The first, Grades 1 - 5 had a few twisty sections and I decided to do a training round leaving these out to boost our confidence...  which it did as everything went pretty much to plan.

The second round, Agility 3 - 7, was tricky, but I thought I'd attempt the twists and turns.  The course started like this and the red line shows my planned route with the scooter...

Of course it didn't all go according to that plan.  The line down to the first tunnel entry was okay and it seemed like we might get the weaves right (not quite... ah well) then the second tunnel entry went well (yay) but confusion hit at the far side of the A frame (there is SO much for us both to think about).

Anyway there's a clip of this run which shows a few sticky moments, but all in all I feel it is okay for a first attempt at a real course.

I think Patsy is trying to work out what I want, but we haven't yet worked out a common language for signalling from the scooter....  Also, I haven't quite sorted how to run a course without too many tight turns for the scooter.

The alternative handling route below was suggested by another wheeled handler.  And this would certainly make the scooter handling easier, but would mean Patsy would need to work harder by running further ahead.

One way and another I think my mental agility will be rather challenged by working all this out.  But new challenges are what make life interesting.....  :-)

PS... Delighted to mention that Shona and Honey beat us in the 1-5 Agility class by winning it!  Yay!

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