Saturday, 29 June 2013

First Non-Eliminated round from the Scooter!

So out today and a mixed bag of fun! 

First round ended after the first jump as Patsy absconded to chase ducks off a pond a full 50m from the ring!

Second round had a few hiccups - but also a few really WOW sequences and we then managed to get our first NON-ELIMINATED round from the scooter. To my great delight we also picked up 5th. (We'll gloss over exactly how many penalties and time faults we collected ;) )

Third round had a few wobbles and she went under a few jumps too... meh!

However for me the best bit of the day was managing a couple of difficult sequences and getting some of the "switch" crosses working in the ring. (Where I get her to switch sides behind me... ). 

Was pleased to be told by one of the G7 handlers that he could see progress and how I'd a smart little dog! Ahhh... Got to say after the first round I was ready to go collect the first "free to good home" pup I could find! LOL.

Anyway home smiling....

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