Thursday, 10 July 2014

Video of Training Sequence.

Video taken at training.  We had practiced shorter sequences during the session.  Then put them altogether at the end.

Understandably I was very pleased with how this went - it felt really good that he understood what I was asking and responded with enthusiasm.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Finn's Training: Index of Posts

A couple of people have asked about how I started working Finn from the scooter, and about the work I've done with him to encourage distance handling. So these are links to posts I wrote at the time, with a few comments added from today's perspective.

July 2012
Introducing Finn, My Collie Pup
Finn -Checking out his new world

Sept 2013

Throughout his puppyhood, I obviously did a lot of just playing with Finn.  Things like encouraging him to chase a ball, and bring it back.  And to put the ball back in my hand rather than just drop it at my feet.  I also wanted a reliable wait, so started introducing a wait into our play sessions.

December 2013:
Finn's Lessons
Finn Scooter Training
Finn on Video. Wait! Go! & Back!
Some Finn Special?
Starting a few Jumps with Finn
Photo series: Wait and Jump

Really, I was just keeping up with a few short minutes most days.  At this stage Finn still hadn't started formal classes, but I thought that a little bit of work in advance of the class would help us cope, because obviously I'll not be able to run along side him like everyone else.

I didn't keep repeating the same stuff all the time either.  For example although he mastered the tunnel as quite a small puppy, it was put away for sometime while working on other little things.  "Wait" however I kept reinforcing and practicing in new environments.

February 2014:
Patsy and Finn on Video
Finn doing some Distance Work
Just 5 Minutes Most Days

March 2014: 
Now some Channel Weaves for Finn

A Note on Weaves: I thought I'd teach him using the channel weave method.  He learned very quickly to run down the channel.  However, I have currently had to stop, because our weave poles are only stuck into the ground, and trying to bring them into a straighter line has resulted in him ploughing through them.  So although we made this excellent start, I am now only working his weaves on the club training set that cannot be sent flying!!!

April 2014:
First Agility Class for Finn
Pictures from Puppy Agility Class
Contacts? "Touch" or Running?
Thinking about Right and Left commands.
Training Round for Finn

May 2014:
Training Sequence - Feeling Proud!
Why do I use Wheels?

June 2014: 
Finn - Training Update
Not a Velcro Dog!
Finn Learning See-Saw

November 2014
First Competitive Outing for Finn

I'll try to update this sequence periodically to show Finn's progress.  

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Patsy's First Clear Round Win!!

Great day out today!  And Patsy surprised us all, by gettting a lovely clear round win with Shona!

The setting was beautiful.  Indeed this is the pond that Patsy ran off to last year when she jilted me and left me in the ring while she went and chased ducks!!

I even managed to get a wee video clip of the round too.

Go Patsy!