Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Agility Scooter: Rascal 309LE

So here she is, a Rascal 309LE - basket and arm rests removed of course because we aren't going shopping!

The controls are levers.  
Pulling the right one is Forwards, and Pulling the left one is Backwards.

Which all sounds great until you want to use one hand to control the dog - and that always has to be the hand on the same side as the dog is running.

So this means that when Patsy is on my right I need to push the left lever to go forwards.  It is quite important to remember this, because if I don't ......... then when Patsy changes sides I can suddenly find myself accelerating backwards!  (Ask me how I know this!)

The bumper sticker was provided by my son!  :)  "Some Say......   I am The Stig"  LOL

And as for transport, well, the scooter fits neatly into the back of my Berlingo.  The planks of wood on the left are for loading and unloading.

 Like so....

Notice the outer edges so I can't run it off the planks.  (Handy to have an engineer for a husband!)

"Okay Mum, smile for the camera!"

The planks have two bits of webbing to keep them the right distance apart.  EASY!

So we were out again at the week-end again, and once more caught on camera....  This is at "The Patch" near Comber.

Remind me to wear black socks or longer trousers next time!


And we'll end with my favourite photo from the day.  Patsy in full flight.  I just love those wee ears!  :)