Monday, 30 March 2015

Photo Flashback!

Finn's breeder sent me some photos of when Finn was a tiny pup.  I forgot about them until recently, but they are so cute and worth sharing:

In the photo above, that's my boy on the left climbing down the step.

Oh and here he is again in the foreground. 

Injection time!  

And finally lining up with some of his litter mates for a photo.  He's the little pup on the left.  Awww!

For more puppy pics check out this post from 2013: Introducing Finn My Collie Pup

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Fun Day at CRUFTS

 So YKC Team Agility at 8.30am so all up early and into the show...

Standard seemed very high this year, with lots of clear rounds in super fast time.  Our team did great:

Clare and Taz in full flight:

Becky and Miley took to the limelight in great style:

And yet another little black dog - Patsy with Shona:

I did a little shopping...  new handbag, a slip lead for Finn, a mini bumbag thing and a Crazy Dog Lady hoodie!  :D

All in all a good outing....

... and if the hoodie fits, wear it!  LOL

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Leaving for CRUFTS this evening!

So we'll be on the overnight ferry to Liverpool this evening, and true to form everything is getting left to the last minute...

Including Patsy's haircut! So one pile of cheese treats later, and finally the little black sheep has got sheared ready for indoor competition:

The Woolly Sheep Effect - "Before"

Stream-lined and ready for Action - "After"

Keeping Warm...

Watch out Crufts we are on our way!!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

CRUFTS - Our photo competition winner

I am delighted to announce that Linda of Cheshire has won the Ability for Agility photo competition.

She wins two complementary tickets, and tells me that she hasn't been to Crufts before - she sounded incredibly excited to attend!

Which makes this all the more fun for me! Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic day Linda!  And Congratulations!

So here is the winning photograph:

Tim - my husband, who judged the photos - said that he was torn between many excellent entries, but that the title "DOG'S DAY OUT" made him think that it was important that the image showed the dogs doing something very dog orientated.

So this photo where the two terriers are completely oblivious to the camera, and obviously having a great day out, he felt best demonstrated the chosen theme.

Linda's two Jack Russells are brothers called Radley and Rascal, and she says, "This is our first time as JRT owners and they have completely melted our hearts!  Characters doesn't cover it really does it!"  I couldn't agree more!

So not long until CRUFTS now, and much still to do here to prepare.  Our wee Patsy still needs her hair cut, but with the current weather I've been putting it off.  Must take before and after photos to share.  Frankly, right now she looks like a little black sheep not a dog!  Watch this space.

Further info: 

 Crufts runs between 5th & 8th March at The NEC, Birmingham and is always a fantastic day out for dog enthusiasts.  Whatever your specialism there will be dogs, stands and competitions worth exploring at the show.