Thursday, 9 November 2017

Handling 360 - Susan Garrett's training.

I have been training using H360 for almost 3 years now, and in response to a call from Susan Garrett to produce videos showing how H360 has helped us on our agility journeys, I made this wee video of our story.

It is now featured on Susan Garrett's blog in a voting contest to win some nice prizes.  If you see this post, perhaps you will consider visiting her blog and voting for me.  Many thanks. :)

PS We actually won the video competition and received a lovely selection of goodies as a result.  Thank you Susan Garrett  :)


  1. Hi Susan
    Lovely to see your dog agility and good to see that you health has improved. You said in a former post that you take an off label drug. Could you tell me what it is please?
    Thanks and best wishes, Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra
      I'm Sally (not Susan - she runs H360 ;) )
      In answer to your question, I took an anti-retro-viral drug for a year. It's called Tenofovir (or Viread). Taking it requires monthly kidney function tests, there can be some unpleasant side effects, and it doesn't work for everyone. And hasn't been a "cure" for me either, but obviously I am grateful to be in a much better place now, than I was in late 2015. I intend to put a post up on "Just ME" in a bit.
      Best wishes,