Sunday, 6 July 2014

Finn's Training: Index of Posts

A couple of people have asked about how I started working Finn from the scooter, and about the work I've done with him to encourage distance handling. So these are links to posts I wrote at the time, with a few comments added from today's perspective.

July 2012
Introducing Finn, My Collie Pup
Finn -Checking out his new world

Sept 2013

Throughout his puppyhood, I obviously did a lot of just playing with Finn.  Things like encouraging him to chase a ball, and bring it back.  And to put the ball back in my hand rather than just drop it at my feet.  I also wanted a reliable wait, so started introducing a wait into our play sessions.

December 2013:
Finn's Lessons
Finn Scooter Training
Finn on Video. Wait! Go! & Back!
Some Finn Special?
Starting a few Jumps with Finn
Photo series: Wait and Jump

Really, I was just keeping up with a few short minutes most days.  At this stage Finn still hadn't started formal classes, but I thought that a little bit of work in advance of the class would help us cope, because obviously I'll not be able to run along side him like everyone else.

I didn't keep repeating the same stuff all the time either.  For example although he mastered the tunnel as quite a small puppy, it was put away for sometime while working on other little things.  "Wait" however I kept reinforcing and practicing in new environments.

February 2014:
Patsy and Finn on Video
Finn doing some Distance Work
Just 5 Minutes Most Days

March 2014: 
Now some Channel Weaves for Finn

A Note on Weaves: I thought I'd teach him using the channel weave method.  He learned very quickly to run down the channel.  However, I have currently had to stop, because our weave poles are only stuck into the ground, and trying to bring them into a straighter line has resulted in him ploughing through them.  So although we made this excellent start, I am now only working his weaves on the club training set that cannot be sent flying!!!

April 2014:
First Agility Class for Finn
Pictures from Puppy Agility Class
Contacts? "Touch" or Running?
Thinking about Right and Left commands.
Training Round for Finn

May 2014:
Training Sequence - Feeling Proud!
Why do I use Wheels?

June 2014: 
Finn - Training Update
Not a Velcro Dog!
Finn Learning See-Saw

November 2014
First Competitive Outing for Finn

I'll try to update this sequence periodically to show Finn's progress.  


  1. What a gorgeous little guy! That last photo is amazing!

  2. Thank you Hayley.... I think so too. I may be just a little biased of course! ;)