Friday, 5 July 2013

Introducing "Finn", My Collie Pup

This idea has been on my mind for a while, but I've kept talking myself out of it.  I mean, my mobility is not great and I want a new pup - how mad is that!

However family members encouraged me to go ahead, and yesterday the three girls came with me to choose a pup from a litter of collie pups born on a farm in Co. Antrim.   So here he is: Finn at 9 weeks and 3 days old!

Both parents were working collies and half the litter had gone when we got there.... but the picture below was in the ad, and to me shows a truckload of healthy happy pups!

Now of course I was attracted by the general cuteness, but I had also rung about other litters and decided not to visit them. Thing is, I knew that once I went to see a litter I would bring a pup home!  Anyway this litter sounded good and the farmer was interested and happy to answer all my questions and so off we went.

And of course home we came with a pup.... Finn!

There were only 4 pups left when we got there. Choosing was really hard, but I was warming towards this boy,  when he then ran over and flopped down beside me and plonked his head in my lap... well that was it - he was sold!

Of course I didn't tell the farmer that I was so confident that I'd take a pup, that I had a first vet's appointment booked before we even left to see the litter!

 Once home he enjoyed a good romp round the garden

And another round the living room 

And then after a feed, he settled for a nap in his bed in a crate (kindly leant by a good friend) in the living room.  I have decided not to introduce him to the other dogs just yet.  I want him focussed on people first...

However there was another surprise - as Amy (my son Colin's girlfriend) decided she would go back up for the last bitch in the litter.  Kerry had sent her photos when we were there....

They called in on the way home and Finn was very pleased to see her.  This is Pixie ....

But two puppies are even harder to photograph well than one!

And finally Amy took her exhausted pup home.

And Finn settled into his bed for the night and we didn't hear another peep out of him til I went to check on him!  Awww..... (Wonder how Pixie slept?)