Sunday, 27 April 2014

Training Round for Finn

Yesterday was the last day in the Winter League series at The Patch. 

Finn, although too young to be in the League itself, was able to do training in the Pay on the Day ring.  

As expected, there were a few distractions, and Finn's attention wandered sometimes.  However for a young pup - first time in a ring - I was more than pleased with how he responded.

Amy took a few photos, and I think they show how much he is just enjoying the experience.

I was particularly proud of him doing a start wait for me, and then achieving the first half dozen jumps and a tunnel of a Jumping round.  We have a way to go in terms of direction communications, but I came out of the ring grinning from ear to ear.

So - some Summer training, and next Winter League we'll be out there testing ourselves in real competition.

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