Tuesday, 22 April 2014

First Obedience Competition for Finn.

I somewhat optimistically entered Finn for the "Pre-Beginners" Obedience Class at the BDSS Show today.  It amuses me that we are not just "Beginners" (which might logically seem to be the place to "begin") but that we are PRE-Beginners!

As it was, this level was tough enough for us.  Luckily the judge was totally encouraging and put us all at our ease.  We were fifth in the running order, and so I got a chance to watch a couple of others go before me.

Finn was a bit excited by the whole environment, so I had to take him away for another walk around as we waited for our turn.  The first exercise, on the lead, was very simple, and involved a few turns right and left and a halt and sit.

Unfortunately an "About Turn" is not so easy to achieve on a scooter - as the Aztec doesn't have a great turning circle!  No matter the judge just smiled and adjusted his position to cope!  Finn did all this quite nicely, if not quite as perfectly as I would aspire to.

Then it was the Wait and Recall, which he achieved.  (I stepped off the scooter so he could properly sit in front of me, and also do a proper finish.)

The off-lead handling was the same as above - but was not so successful.  Unfortunately some smells beckoned... so we did the last bit on the lead again.

Later we returned to do our "Stay", which we did with the other dogs that had also not achieved the whole off-lead exercise, and this Finn did well.

Over all I was very pleased with him.  I might even try another obedience class!

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