Sunday, 6 April 2014

First Agility Class for Finn.

A windy day up at Cooperhill, but the puppy agility class started today.

Finn was rather excited, and somewhat lacking the social skills to be part of the group, but once asked to actually DO something he participated to the full.

So these are the exercises we did:
- Sending the dogs out around a jump wing.
- Tunnels, straight, curved and running on afterwards
- Round a wing & into tunnel.
- Beginner see-saw exercise - just getting dogs to step onto down side and accepting the movement.

Finn coped well with these, and gradually calmed down during the class, so that in the end he could stand in the group without getting over excited.

Anyway no photos from today, so here's a wee picture of Finn helping me sew yesterday.

Very attentive student. ;)

PS Oh and Finn also got his Bronze Good Citizen Award a couple of weeks ago!

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