Monday, 14 April 2014

Pictures from Puppy Agility Class

Finn settled more quickly this week, but still gets very over-excited on arrival to class.  

One problem is barking in excitement.  So each time, I just reversed the scooter further away from the group until he stopped.  He got the idea!  

Anyway it was a lovely bright day, if a bit windy, and I gave my camera to Janeen who took the following snaps of the class.  

Lining up ready for the first exercise:

Ach Finn, look at the camera:

 In this exercise we were doing 2 jumps up to tunnel turn a the top, and back down a line of jumps.  Yay Finn!

Amy with Pixie (Finn's sister).

Pixie learning to do channel weaves, helped by Louise.  Amy is calling Pixie through from the other end.

Better pose this time.  :)

Finn practicing channel weaves:

Queuing (A frame on it's side in background... to windy to put it up!)

All in all it was a great session.  All the dogs seem to be progressing well now and enjoying training.  Next Sunday is Easter Sunday, so we'll miss a week of training.  Lots to keep practicing a home however.

I've been watching Kristy Netzer's DVD, "Dial Up the Distance", and Shona printed out the notes to go with it.  Takes a wee bit of tweaking for use with the scooter, but I like how Kristy works with her dogs and the DVD shows how to break things down into simple stages.

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