Friday, 7 March 2014

The Crufts Adventure!

All buzz and go!  Ferry crossing Tues night!

And an amazing sunrise as we left the ferry at early o'clock.

A detour to collect a hire scooter. (Horizon Aztec... possible purchase)

Early start on Thursday morning.  Shona (yellow) and Clare (white) are competing with Patsy and Taz.  Rebecca and Amy are their able YKC assistants.

All lights and a very crowded ring for the YKC Agility competition.

Wee Taz did well, but found the artificial grass disconcerting.

Taz on the see-saw.

I was worried Patsy would just freeze, but she scampered round and went really well, flying through tunnels, over obstacles and all was going well.... until she forgot how to do the weave poles....

A flying finish at the end - so not bad for a wee dog that's never seen the limelight before!

Team event still to come on Sunday.  Meanwhile Tim and I toured the halls to find the Malamute benches and found Peri chilling between classes.

After we left, Peri's home-bred bitch Poison won Best Bitch, and also collected Reserve Best of Breed.  

Good days.  


  1. I can't be doing with all these poncy over-bred so called top pedigrees but agility looks rally fun!

  2. Showing is not my world either, but my friend has a load of fun (and success) with her Malamutes. And, I enjoyed just seeing the variety of dogs, and their people, at Crufts. Of course for us, it's all about agility. ;)