Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Now Some Channel Weaves for Finn

I started channel weaves with Finn a couple of weeks ago, and used a ball to encourage him to run through.  I also had an assistant run with him on the lead, so that diversions out of the channel could be quickly corrected.

Then for practicing alone, I set him in a "Wait" at the entrance to the weaves and called him through.  It didn't take long for him to pick the idea up.  Finally I added a jump at each end, with the idea that they help line him up for the channel weaves and also give him a target straight ahead afterwards.

This video shows how he can now run a small loop of jumps with channel weaves included:

Next I hope to angle the entry and exit jumps, and move them out a bit, before finally being able (hopefully) to send him to the weaves on their own.  Only after all this will I start to pull the poles inwards.... or at least that is my current idea!

I suspect this is his smug "I'm a clever boy!" face.  LOL  

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