Wednesday, 12 March 2014

CRUFTS - A Grand Finale!

What a week away we had!

There were so many from Castlereagh DDTC staying in the hotel on Saturday night that we had tables pushed together...

.... and our little Patsy coped remarkably well with all the bustle of Crufts....

... and hotel rooms.

Clare and Taz were delighted to pick up a 5th place in YKC Obedience.

(Both are rather photogenic don't you think....)

My excitement for the week was the acquisition of a new set of wheels, with tractor tyres that will hopefully take me through the fields and trees at home.... (Kindly delivered to the hotel carpark by Horizon Mobility.)

And in Crufts next day I managed to meet up with a couple of other wheelers. Victoria and Pauline both do agility using wheels. It was good say Hi face to face after our various online FB chats. 

Part way through Sunday, Patsy got a bit over heated, so Tim and I took her for a walk outside.  Beautiful day, and surprisingly nice grounds at the NEC!

Then it was all excitement as the girls got their T-shirts on ready for the YKC Team event.

I couldn't get any decent photos of the action, but this one shows  just how well Patsy was listening at the start.  Only 5 faults for one error on the weaves.  So a good round.

At the prize giving all the teams were brought in.  And I just happened to snap the winning team.  I just love the variety of dogs in this team.  :D

Our team came 5th!  Well done Clare, Illona, Shona, Katie and Jenny and the dogs too!

Yay to my wee Patsy!  (Here sporting a trendy wet blanket to cool her down!)

Then back to the car to re-pack every thing around my new wheels.

And we hit the road for home.

PS  Next morning  - we learned that Lucy and Molly had in fact WON the "Friends for Life" competition...

BIG Congratulations to Lucy and Molly.  What a lovely end to the week!