Monday, 24 February 2014

CRUFTS "Friends for Life" - Lucy and Molly

Crufts 2013 was the first time I'd ever used a wheelchair.  So this year, 2014, Crufts is a kind of anniversary for me.  One year on wheels!

"Friends for Life"

 "Friends for Life" is the competition run by the Kennel Club, to highlight outstanding relationships between dog and human.  Yet everywhere these amazing relationships abound, I know because my own dogs have helped me cope with the life changes that my health has flung at me.

So the five stories told by the Friends for Life finalists at Crufts are just the tip of the iceberg, and in celebrating the stories of these five, I think this initiative also inspires and encourages a great many other people.  All are winners in my view.

Yet, I also have a favourite in the running.... and here's why:

I recently "met" Lucy Watts online as I stumbled onto the FB page she keeps called Molly, Dog with a Blog .

I made a few comments on her page, and noticed she was starting to train Molly towards doing agility competition. And we got chatting.  I thought we could compare notes about training tactics, as my Finn is also a puppy.

Then I realised that Lucy and Molly were actually finalists in the Friends for Life competition at Crufts.  That gave me quite a buzz, not least because I thought it might be fun to meet up at Crufts itself.

Now if you haven't visited Molly's blog - which is entirely written from the puppy's point of view - then it really is worth a browse.  Not only are there commentaries, photos and videos on Molly's training, but there are also some lovely insights into how a dog can just give so much.  

The relationship that Lucy and Molly have is infectious.  If you are like me, you will spend much longer on the blog than you had first intended!  Lucy and Molly also feature in the video produced for the Friends for Life final - Worth watching: 

The number to vote for Lucy and Molly (given also at the end of the video) is 

0844 646 0202

I've watched all the videos, and I am amazed by each of the wonderful stories told.  Really all of these dogs and their owners are winners, no matter who gets the final glorious moment.

However, something about Lucy and her relationship with Molly has touched my heart, and so these two have got my vote.  Perhaps they'll get your vote too.

Good Luck to Lucy and Molly - I look forward to meeting you at the big show!  xx

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