Sunday, 2 February 2014

Patsy and Finn on Video

Shona and I had Patsy and Finn out this morning.  The ground is still very wet, but we set up a loop with the tunnel and four jumps with the aim of distance handling.

Neither first attempt was perfect, but they got it in the end. The clips show their success.

With Finn I had first set up a line of jumps along the edge of the concrete.  Then putting the tunnel (okay a barrel) in the middle I started to bend the line out in an arc over a period of several days.

This was quite a big jump from the previous curve, so even though he didn't get it first time - without being brought back to do the jump he missed - I was delighted that after only a couple of attempts Finn was able to achieve this:

Oh and this is just a photo from a walk on Christmas Day.  That's Pixie (Finn's sister) in the foreground and Finn behind her.

Hoping for some better weather soon, but in the mean time Finn gets about 5-10 mins practice most days after his walk with the terriers.

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