Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Just 5 Minutes Most Days

Finn and I take about five minutes most days to play around at something to do with agility.

Today I thought I'd try to do a figure of eight between the barrel and two sets of jumps.

It is a bit of a learning curve for both of us and I think this clip shows quite nicely how things progressed over the course of a five minute session.

In the end we managed a figure of eight in two different ways.

A really good day I thought!


  1. How inspiring. I found canine agility after I got CNEIDS (CFS) and thought it would be impossible for me. Are you allowed to compete on your Rascal? It is wonderful to see all the fun that you and your dog are having -- all the love between you.

    1. Hello Brenda, and thanks for your comment.

      Yes I have competed using my scooter. We're not very "competitive" but the fun is in trying!

      I didn't actually ask permission to enter using my scooter, but rather just turned up and nobody has ever told me that I can't. ;) I did drop a few hints about my intentions though, both before turning up at training and before the first competition. To be honest the agility crowd here in N.Ireland have been incredibly supportive and encouraging of my efforts.

    2. There is a good group on FaceBook called Distance Handling where I chat a bit, and there are a few wheeled handlers there. Maybe I'll "see" you there?