Sunday, 22 December 2013

Some Finn Special?

I have now sent off Finn's registration papers to the Kennel Club.  After much consideration and deliberation I have asked for the name "Some Finn Special".  So, if we get it, he'll need to live up to the name!

His training continues.

In reality it's a bit like playing a few games with him one on one.  He is very ball motivated, which is great an so in addition to reinforcing the words: "Go" and "Back" when I throw the ball in those directions, I'm also starting a little bit of agility by way of small jumps and a tunnel.

For the "jumps" I'm actually making a cross pole from the small jump height, which is really just a token gesture jump, but gives him the idea.

I have also brought the tunnel out again and am sending him through it.  We started this first when he was quite little, and despite not doing much in the interval, he hasn't forgotten.

So today I set up a jump, tunnel and jump in a straight line.  I put him in a wait before jump and scooted to the tunnel entrance.  Then called him over the jump, sent him through the tunnel and when he jumped the jump on exit I called "Go" and threw the ball forwards for him as a reward.

I was very pleased he "got" this quite quickly.  Next I hope to be able to send him down the line, with me in various other positions - such as his start position, or out to the side of the tunnel.   At the moment, setting him up in a "Wait" at the start of the sequence is very useful, and his wait so far is strong.  

Anyway - no pictures today, hopefully I'll get a few more over the holiday period.

Happy Christmas peeps!

PS Finn's show name is "Some Finn Extra Special" 

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