Thursday, 26 December 2013

So what about Patsy?

So recently I've been talking a lot about Finn and his training, and there's been very little mention of Patsy.  The reason is rather fun.

Earlier in the autumn I loaned Patsy to Shona to run in the qualifiers for the Young Kennel Club Agility  at Crufts.   And my little black dog came up trumps and qualified both as part of a YKC team and also for the individual event with Shona.

So, recognising that my handling style must, by necessity, be quite different from Shona's, I decided to stop handling Patsy in either training or competition until Crufts is over.

This has given me time to concentrate on Finn and to teach him a variety of tricks and skills ready for doing agility once he is old enough.

Oh and I got  a fun present for Christmas this year from Tim: he bought me a GoPro.

The 1 minute clip below is the first I've managed to produce. Nothing fancy, no music or stunning effects It's just me, Patsy and Finn going out for a Boxing day "walk" to burn off dinner!  You'll be pleased to know, I did manage to edit out the boring bit in the middle where nothing seems to happen.

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