Monday, 2 December 2013

Finn's Lessons

So Finn is doing a load of learning these days.

This picture is from the Summer when he started Puppy Class with Shona.

Recently however, my friend, Janine, has been handling him Obedience Classes and he has even been upgraded from puppy class to the Bronze Good Citizen Class!

He is growing fast and at 7months now weighs 20kg.

This does not stop him from trying out the smallest size of dog box however.

I have started training him along side my scooter and so far he (mostly) understands the following:

Close - Run on my left side
Side - Run on my right
Switch - Change sides by running behind the scooter
Go - Run forwards (and wait for ball)
Back - Run opposite direction to scooter ( and wait for ball)

We are also practicing all his other obedience words: Sit, Down, Come, Wait etc.

And I've got to say collies are might quick learners!

The last photo was taken by my daughter.  The "Sit" command came in useful to keep him in frame for this lovely photo!

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