Saturday, 7 June 2014

Not a Velcro Dog!

Today there was a Fun Day at our training grounds.  The first class was just jumps and tunnels so most of the beginner class entered.

I entered Finn for medium height, and told the judge that we weren't going to attempt the whole course, as we don't yet have the skills to follow the correct route.

However - I am SO proud of him because, although we did a totally random course:
- he did a fantastic "wait" at the start for me
- he was really enjoying the course
- he wasn't distracted by the spectators in tents all up one side, nor the judge in the ring, nor the big wide open barley field beyond
- he was thinking about what I was asking him to do - we just haven't perfected a common language yet.

We attempted two equally hectic rounds...

.... but I was so pleased with him, just for trying so hard to please!  

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