Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Finn - Training Update

Training sessions have now been moved to Tuesday nights, which means that the "puppy" class no longer has the training grounds to itself.

Of course for Finn this meant a whole new level of excitement!

Louise started us off with the soft tunnel, gradually lowering the fabric with each turn, and then a little bit of work on contacts at the end of the see-saw followed by a few jump and tunnel exercises, culminating in the sequence below.

Finn's first attempt was all over the place.  He managed the first four jumps in a line before heading off on a large circuit of the grounds doing random tunnels and jumps as he pleased.... ooooppps!

However when it came to doing the whole series at the end, things came together.

I set him in a wait and parked the scooter up at the first corner (facing as shown by the arrow) and then I gave arm signals and verbal instructions.

And JOY of JOYS... he seemed to understand every word and to complete the sequence perfectly!

This time, I used the word steady as he was taking off for the fourth jump.  I had only ever used this when walking him on the lead before, and so was delighted when he slowed on landing.  He then came to his name and was easily sent on over the next two jumps and into the tunnel.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty chuffed tonight!

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