Monday, 23 June 2014

Finn Learning See-Saw

Recently we have been working on contacts.  I started with a bit of wood in the garden...

I called this position "see-saw", and kept putting the wood in different places and asking for the behaviour, before throwing the ball for reward.

The video shows what happened as we transferred this "see-saw" command from the wood to our training see-saw in the garden.  (It was made for terriers, so narrower than ideal for Finn.)

I have a barrel under the end of the down slope, to make a more distinct difference to the end of the contact.  I am aiming here for all 4 paws to remain on the see-saw before releasing him.

Anyway, he learns quickly and subsequent sessions have resulted in the correct behaviour almost every time - and also with me in a variety of positions away from him.

Very pleased with my boy.

...and doesn't he know it!

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