Friday, 26 September 2014

Two by Two Weave Training for Finn

So we started with Channel Weaves and he got the idea of a dash through the length of the channel very quickly.

However as we started to bring the poles more in line, Finn still just dashed (or bashed) in a straight line down the length of the poles. This led to a couple of problems:
  1. If I was using the home poles, which are the stick in the ground variety, they just flew everywhere like so many matchsticks!
  2. If we were at club training, using the more solid channel weaves, he bashed through hitting his face and sides, and not really thinking it was much fun.
So either way weave training was not progressing well, and certainly not to the point where he got the idea he should actually weave!

In his mind it was all about running in straight lines.

So I came across the Two by Two idea originally put forward by Susan Garrett of teaching weaves by introducing only two poles first, and then adding more.  The idea is to make the dogs look for each pair of poles.

I started this about 10 days ago.  First by just rewarding him for going between two poles.
Then by adding a second pair off-set as shown in the section labelled 1.

Over time the second pair is gradually moved into line with the first pair (2 &3) and then brought closer so that all poles are at the correct distance apart.

At the moment Finn can achieve 4 poles in a straight line at the end of a practice session, however I still usually start with the poles spaced as they are in step 3 when we first go out.  I'm doing about ten repetitions each time, and then doing something else.

My aim this week is to have him reliably running 4 poles from where ever I ask.

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