Monday, 8 September 2014

Last of the Summer Shine Fun Day at Cooperhill

Great Fun Day at Cooperhill today!

Nearly all our agility class were there and testing out new skills.

I was pleased with Finn, as he did nice "waits" at the start of each round, and then willingly ran on for the distant lines I attempted.

Amy took a video:

We still need to refine some of our turn commands, but this was a huge leap forward from the last Fun Day at Cooperhill where he just ran over random obstacles - only sometimes listening to my directions.

Anyway, it was a lovely day and some of the barley had been cut up behind the grounds so we got a wee spin up there too: 

Finn's sister, Pixie, had a really successful day with Amy getting a clear round in the Jumps and Tunnels round, and picking up a Judge's Special Rosette.

Here's a video of her round:

  Wee Patsy was flying today too

And she and Shona won a class...

And were also videoed: 

All in all a great day out:

For me, my friends and my favourite pup!

PS His earlier round at Cooperhill can be seen here: Not a Velcro Dog

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