Saturday, 21 September 2013

Having fun with Finn

So I've been doing a little work with Finn and a tunnel.  I had barely set our tunnel down and unfurled it before he dashed through  - so no fear there!

I immediately used a toy (thrown to the other side of the tunnel) to encourage him through while going away from me - which he picked up very quickly.  

Then I started calling "tunnel" and throwing the toy only once he ran into the tunnel.  Once he got the idea that going through the tunnel meant a toy would appear magically at the other side - he started to run through without any command!  Repeatedly!

So, next, a bit like playing "Simon says" with a child, we had to spend a bit of time learning that the toy only appeared if he had been instructed to "Go Tunnel" first!  (I think he is getting this now!)

Anyway as you can see from the pic below he thinks the game is good fun and that's the way I want to keep this.

 The two pictures below were taken at 10 and 20 weeks - he's grown quite a bit! & Leg length has rather increased!

But of course like all puppies he just loves his cuddles.  Here with Elaine before she heads off to Uni....

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