Sunday, 4 August 2013

Mighty Chuffed with our First Ever Clear Round!

So blue skies despite earlier forecasts, and some lovely courses put up at The Patch for the Mind To Win Fun Day.

The "Tunnel Vision" course was a nice sweeping course with only a couple of tricky  twists, and this is where we struck gold.  We did a running start .... and then remarkably we just kept doing one wee bit after another right...  Every little twist worked, and suddenly there we were crossing the finish without faults!

So no action shots today but here we are with the lovely Judge's Special Rosette that we won for the round.

I brought Finn out to let him see around, and was really pleased with how well he took everything in his stride.  And Shona was delighted with Jack Jack who did four lovely training rounds without leaving the ring at all.

That's Finn in the background, Honey up front and Jack Jack on the right.  All with Shona.

Good day!