Saturday, 22 November 2014

First Proper Competitive Outing for Finn

I'm still struggling with my health, so this was a short outing to do one round of Jumping.

We arrived in good time, and Finn and I did a few warm up jumps in the practice ring.  We also worked on "ignoring other dogs - while being fed treats" - which went well, although he still finds other dogs approaching the scooter a bit stressful.

So after "walking" the course, we were the 2nd competitor into the ring... & yes it was that wet!!  The mud you see was produced just from folk walking the course!!

Anyway, Finn's first round in competition resulted in an elimination, but I came out of the ring on an absolute high because of how attentive he was, and the fact that we "got" that complicated wee combination of jumps after the first black tunnel.

Watching this however, I can see two times where I've obviously used the wrong arm to signal.

Now that I don't spin on the spot (as runners can do when doing a front cross), I should use the "other" arm (ie away from the side the dog is on) to push his line on, so he doesn't curve back towards me ....

For example after the last tunnel: I think I should have used my right arm to signal onwards, not my left which made him sweep round to his right....

Lots to learn.  Such fun.  Can't wait til next Winter League session!

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