Sunday, 4 May 2014

Training Sequence - Feeling Proud!

Today's session at our puppy agility class gave me some real encouragement for the future.

Louise set up a course of jumps and tunnels for us all. The others were doing a front cross after the first tunnel, but obviously with me using wheels, this sort of waltz-like dance move wasn't possible! 

So first time through, I started with Finn on my left and just sent him away to the first tunnel and back towards me and on to the second:

This worked, except the first attempt he ran past the last two jumps looking for his ball!  Second attempt worked a dream!

Later the rest of the class were trying a different technique, so Finn and I also tried something new.

To my delight he achieved a nice wait and then did exactly as he was instructed.  

I've got to admit I felt very pleased with this achievement.    Of course, the route was always the obvious one straight ahead, but it felt wonderful that he understood what I was asking of him, and confidently dashed off to do it!

Actually, everybody did well at this exercise, and we all left with our confidence boosted.  

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